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7. Club Rules for youth players

The Club Rules for youth players apply to all youth rugby players under the age of 18 at Amersham & Chiltern RFC (the “Club”). All Club Members (in particular parents/carers of youth players, youth rugby coaches and other youth rugby volunteers) are required as a term of their Club membership to help youth players understand and abide by the Club Rules for youth players and support the Club in applying the Rules.

Anyone who has a concern that a breach of the Rules has taken place (or indeed any other concern or complaint regarding youth rugby at the Club) is encouraged by the Club to share such concerns or complaints with the Club Chairman, Chairman of Junior Rugby, Chairman of Mini Rugby or Club Child Protection/Welfare Officer.

The Club Rules for youth players may be amended from time to time by the Club. A copy of the latest Rules can be found on the Club’s website (

A&C Club Rules for youth players
• youth players must abide by the Club’s various codes of conduct that apply to them, such as the Good Behaviour Policy, Anti- Bullying Policy and the Youth Player’s Code of Conduct. Copies of these are on the Club’s website.

• youth players should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their Lead Coach or Age Group Organiser if they are going to be late or absent.

• youth players must wear suitable kit for training and match sessions – boots (with approved safety studs); gumshield; Club shirt, shorts and socks. In addition youth players must have a suitable tracksuit or sweatshirt and trousers for use in wet/cold weather. Youth players may also wear shoulder pads, scrum caps and gloves provided that these are IRB approved.

• youth players should always bring a bottle of drinking water with them to training and match sessions. They should also have with them any medication that they may need during training and match sessions (eg asthma inhaler).

• youth players and their parents/carers must ensure that the Club has their up to date details at all times – in particular a current address and telephone number, emergency contact details and written information regarding medical problems - eg allergies, asthma etc.

• youth players and their parents/carers must ensure that their subscriptions are paid promptly.