Join the 200 CLUB

Join the 200 CLUB


The 200 CLUB is one of our most popular and successful fundraisers, raising thousands of pounds to help to buy things we need to improve the club and grounds - like the £100,000 we've spent on drainage in the last few years on the 1XV and 2XV pitches so that they can be used throughout the season on Saturdays and Sundays by minis, juniors and seniors.

The rugby club is entirely self-supporting and needs your help to maintain our high standards. Membership fees cover less than half of our running costs and the 200 CLUB makes an essential contribution.

Many thanks to all who have joined already. This was once a 100 CLUB, now a 200 CLUB and with your help we will make it a 300 CLUB.

The 200 CLUB has no running costs and the rules are very simple. A number only costs £2 a month and 50% of the income goes in prizes. Increasingly members are taking more than one number which is good news. Every month random numbers are selected by the Chairman and winners can either get cash or credit put on their membership cards. For example, a £25 cash win would become £35 credit on your membership card - so it's a no-brainer.


Fill in the form and send it to me. As a welcome to the 200 CLUB you will get £5 credit on your membership card if you pay by cheque (for a minimum of one year) and a massive £10 credit on your membership card if you pay by standing order, which I much prefer. You can of course set it up online, just let me know.

Good luck and best wishes,

Peter Osborne
A&C President


200 CLUB application form